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Yes, and you’ve come to the right place, we’ll taylor the insurance products that’ll fit your needs, it means you won’t end up overpaying for inadequate coverage. Afterall just picture this:

You have everything you ever wished for: the perfect car, an amazing house, and a beautiful family; but, out of nothing, everything falls apart. Your car is broke, your house is flooded, and a member of your family is sick. Not quiet the great picture, right?

Accidents can and will happen, however, if you’re prepared, a misfortune doesn’t have to change your life and everything you’ve achieved!

Remember: if it is worth protecting, it’s worth insuring.

Take a look at a the insurance products that will help you feel at ease:

As a major insurance provider in Florida and the Carolina region, we fully understand the importance of helping our clients to access the most affordable insurance policies that meet their needs while protecting their most valuable assets: family, home, motor vehicle, and business. With years of experience we’ve become an agency with an insurance portfolio that allows us to taylor the right insurance to your needs.

Let’s be honest, insurance is something that most people don’t think about until it’s too late, however, choosing the right insurance company, and picking the right policies, is important for your financial and personal security. We aim each day to provide a better service everyday, and love reading our customer’s reviews:

Rosana is the best! Very polite and personable, she got me exactly what i needed in a timely manner! 

Kristin B.

This service is great.  Thank you for helping me with the best option in insurance.

Nico M.

Great customer service and discounts. You actually helped me to save a lot of money by signing my new insurance policy with your company 🙂

Mariana P.

Definitely will be coming back to metropolitan insurance. I highly recommended specially to the Latino community!!!!

Luis R.

Our experience in the commercial insurance branch makes us able to present you the most innovative products for the business owner, please visit our business products section, and let us know how to help you. 

We welcome in-office visits, phone calls, or emails. Rest assured that once we know how to help you, we’ll show you the best insurance policy options that will cover for all of what you value most.

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